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Kelcy & Joe || A Bell Rock Elopement

Oh my gossssshhhh!!! Please please bring on all of the Bold and fun bridal outfits this year! Kelcy and Joe arrived at Bell Rock Trail head in Sedona Arizona a couple of weeks ago and my jaw just dropped. Guys, I LOVE couples that show up to be their authentic selves. Your wedding is intended to celebrate your love and union as unique and united pair. Do YOU boo!

On another equally awesome note, her grandparents officiated their wedding. How freaking adorable and special is that?! Did you also know (for your own elopement) that its SUPER easy to get ordained to perform wedding ceremonies? If you're on a budget and want to keep your elopement/wedding intimate, simple and affordable you can have a friend or family member marry you.

Kelcy and Joe picked up dried flowers and boutonniere from an etsy shop and rocked a rad/ practical pair of white doc martin style shoes. Folks, during your 60-90 min Sedona elopement you are likely going to do some amount of hiking, dancing, running, spinning, climbing and playing. Practical shoes are a must on this rocky high desert terrain!

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