Meshwa + Dev | Antelope Canyon | Horseshoe Bend | Maternity Adventure

Most of my clients are Adventure seeking lovebirds. But these two New Yorkers took the cake with this EPIC Page, Arizona maternity session last week.

Page is at the Northern most tip of Arizona touching the Utah state boundary line. This tiny little and otherwise quiet Navajo Nation town has some mighty hidden (and not so hidden) gems. The spectacular big country features such as Horseshoe Bend, Antelope slot Canyons and Lake Powell bring a booming tourism economy to this otherwise struggling desert community. With the Increase of social media exposure Page, AZ has become an extremely popular destination spot for travelers from all over the world. Honestly photos don't do this place any TRULY have to visit Page, Arizona to experience this awe-inspiring landscape.

In the meantime enjoy just a little taste of my clients Meshwa and Dev living their best life before the arrival of baby #1.

As you walk thru this majestic and somewhat magical slot canyon you feel an immense respect for the amount elemental persistence it took to create this place. The land took Millions of years enduring monsoon seasons, rain and erosion to form what is now experienced by many as the Antelope slot canyon. In fact, the Navajo name for Upper Antelope Canyon is Tse Bighanilini which means 'the place where water runs thru rocks'. As you walk thru these narrow geological pathways you can picture water flowing against the walls.

some areas of the canyon allow for only a little bit of light to enter.

Meshwa's dress flows just like the water that bursts into these canyons ... I love the symbolism here... so beautiful

The wide open spaces surrounding the slot canyons can be just as spectacular.

Next stop on our Adventure was the breath taking Horseshoe canyon... a location less than 20 minutes away from the slot canyons and about 1.5 mile round trip walk from the parking area. This is an easy 'MUST see' destination on your Page, AZ itinerary.

As you walk up to the raw edge of the Colorado River cliff side, the breath is sucked from your chest. Just a tiny taste of what the grand canyon has to offer, this Deep horseshoe shaped meander of the river is inspiring and humbling to say the least.

I feel like these two have some big plans for this lucky baby girl.!

It all started with love....

breath taking

Thank you so so much for visiting R.Gonzalez Photography! Thank you also for helping to celebrate the joy these two expecting lovebirds shared while on their visit to Page, Arizona.

If you are interested in hearing more about my Arizona adventure photo packages. Please feel free to fill out my CONTACT form and I will be in touch very soon!

Big Hugs,


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