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Thank you so much for coming to visit, I am looking forward to hearing from you! If you don't see what you need on my site please don't hesitate to ask! Need Reviews and feedback from other clients? Visit my facebook business page or HERE.

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frequently asked questions

  • What's included in my photoshoot?
    Your basic photoshoot will last roughly one hour and yield approximately 50-100 beautiful fullly edited high resolution digital negatives delivered to you via online gallery and zipfile (typically within 1 week) Often as soon as next day.
  • Will you Travel?
    Although my coverage includes most of Northern Arizona with Notice I can/will travel anywhere in the world. I also cover Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC areas at a discounted travel rate. Depending on the oppurtunity and Location I may be willing to waive package fees for Travel and accomodations. (Just contact me to discuss whats possible!)
  • Photos make me nervous can you help calm my nerves?
    Oh so you're telling me you're not a professional model? (haha) Welcome to the other 99.9% of my real life clients! I totally get the camera anxiety thing... I actually get it myself! Friend, you don't need to come with a pinterest board of poses (unless you really want to) or worry about where to put your hands...or whether or not you look awkward. I've got you! Its my job to make you look good and have fun! Relax and enjoy!
  • Can I purchase physical prints and products?
    Your packages include all your digital copies and a release to print! You are free to take them anywhere you want to have them printed. With that said it makes me sad when my clients take their beautiful high resolution images and have them printed at a Subpar printing company. I want to see your quality stay consistent all the way to the very end. So to help you with that i've included a professional "at cost/wholesale" shopping cart attached to your gallery. That means you pay only the price I would pay without the upcharge. This way you are sure you will get the best quality prints and products!
  • Why should I choose you over your competitors?
    I am in an industry with a LOT of amazing talent. All of us have a unique style and apporach and honestly if I thought someone else would do it better or match your needs better I would simply refer. My goal is that you are 100% happy with your experience and your final product. I have been in photography bliss for over 13+ years and I am quite comfortable in my trade and in dealing with all the obstacles and challenges that come with it. Everything from fussy kiddos, difficult lighting, bad weather, finicky or rambunctious family members, nervousness, body insecurities etc etc. I take an assertive yet relaxed and easy going approach that elicits confidence and comfort. My communication is tight and my product is consistently high quality and delivered quickly.
  • How long will my photoshoot be?
    Honestly, I think its tacky to watch a clock when you want to give someone a quality product and experience. But If youre asking about time, typically a portrait session will last about an hour. Or perhaps a bit longer so that you have everything in your gallery that will wow you. I dont shoot simply to fill a time quota but to fullfill a requirement that you are overall satisfied with your experience and your gallery at delivery is robust with options.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    I do offer a 10% student and miliitary discount!
  • Will you give me the RAW images?
    In short no. The images that are included in all packages are high resolution JPGs that have been thoughtfully edited with love and care. I will consider including the RAW images in some branding packages based off the needs of the client and their project. But that is a case by case basis.
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