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Carissa + Luke : Briar Patch B &B Wedding

I am so excited to get back into the blogging world! I love sharing stories about my photography adventures-- and if I'm being honest-- bragging about what a cool job I have. :)

I have the honor of meeting a lot of really great folks. I get to form friendships with a lot of my clients! It's amazing how you can adopt a second family, and I've had the opportunity to do so several times over.

Part of what makes my job so awesome is that I get to share in major life events right alongside those experiencing it. I get to see the groom's face when he sees his soon-to-be bride in her dress for the first time. I get to capture that perfect moment when a newborn snuggles their mom or dad just so. These are moments you cannot recreate, and I take those moments to heart.

What makes these experiences even more magical is when they are with friends or family of mine. A few weeks ago, I got to watch two friends, Carissa and Luke, walk down the aisle and start their lives together as husband and wife. Here is a little bit of their story captured.

How cute are these two?? I love capturing the moments when a couple isn't "on". When the guard goes down and they are totally themselves, if only for a second, it's always the most beautiful to me.

This is why I chose to specialize in natural light photography. The light from the sun echoing onto the greenery is so gorgeous here. And I always love a barn & bride juxtaposition. :)

how pretty is this cake?? I am obssessed with the colors!

a little rain for good luck...

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week!


To see more photos from Carissa and Luke's big day, or to check out more of our work, head to our Facebook page!

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