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Kalyn + Ali Arizona Engagement Session

Oh my gosh. I am excited to share this week's blog because Kalyn + Ali's engagement shoot took place in my favorite place ever-- Arizona! I was there ( mostly) on business, but I got to enjoy the gorgeous-ness that is this magical place called Arizona. I had such a great time! It's truly one of the most beautiful states, and it's a lifestlye photographer's dream with all the breathtaking scenery. When I wasn't wiping the drool off my chin from staring off into the Arizona horizon, I did actually get some work done. I got to shoot an engagement session for such an adorable couple- Kalyn + Ali, Kalyn + Ali fell in love with Arizona like I did and have decided to get married there next September despite their impending move to Chicago. I had a lot of fun working with these two adorable brainiacs ( Kalyn is a Pharmacist and Ali is completing his anesthesiology residency). Check out some of my favorites below!!

They're soo cute!

I mean...come on! What an insanely beautiful backdrop for an engagement session!!

EEK Love.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Rebekah

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