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Jena + Duke

I'd like to introduce to you Jena + Duke! The cutest duo you will ever meet. If you've followed my work over the years Jena is big sis to the adorable Enki + Raines. Its not very often I get to do very early morning if I have to be up with the sun it better be good right?! Well let me tell you...this sunrise adventure in charming Harpers Ferry, WV was totally worth it. PS. Im so in love with the black and whites in this series I could squeal.

I love the lines here...

How cool is this pile ruins growing trees on top of it?!!

The walk of shame after Duke didnt want to go down the see thru stairs...haha

This face ... OMG.

shes is just stunning.

Thank you so much for stopping by this week!!

Big Hugs,


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