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Xandra and Brandon | Old town Winchester

So I have had the absolute pleasure of photographing Xandras sister's wedding a few years ago her little sister Trilbys pageant head shots and since then I have fallen in love with this fun loving family and have been anticipating this wedding for a while. I cannot say enough about how gorgeous this beaming couple is inside and out. And I couldn't be happier about how their wedding day pictures turned out.

wedding day details are a favorite of mine

Photo by Denae
Photo by Denae
Photo by Denae
Photo by Denae

Congrats Xandra and Brandon!! I have nothing but love for you two!! See you in a few years for Trilby's wedding haha!



Many many many thanks to my amazing second photographer Denae for several of these beautiful images... (images are tagged "photo by Denae)...not sure what I'm going to to without you while I'm in Arizona. You're just going to have to fly out for weddings now :)

hilariously frantic moment riiiiight before the storm dumped on us!!!

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