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Russo family // Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend // Page, AZ

Not sure what I did to get so lucky in my career but every once in a while I have once of those aw inspiring opportunities to not only work and live in the dream... but at the same time chisel out a few tics on my bucket list. I know Im behind on blogging these ...(5 kid problems so this was a few months ago when this gorgeous family contacted me for a photo shoot on their adventures to Sedona, AZ. Unfortunately and fortunately It just so happened my own family was going to be traveling and we ultimately agreed to meet in the middle in beautiful Page, AZ. First stop was a Canyon X tour ... a little known small private section of antelope canyon where we met out awesome tour guide who drove us down into this beautiful slot canyon.

With the deep canyon walls and the overcast skies the feel inside this quiet place was peaceful and moody. We were the only ones there during this private tour... our tour guide followed us around with his acoustic guitar playing music while we explored this playground.

Man this kid is cute!!

One thing I really love about Arizona that you don't see at all in Virgina (where I'm from) are these wide open spaces... picturesque skies and warm breezes. Every where you look is like a painted picture.

It was a long day for this little man he did SUCH a good job. Our second location was popular spot in Page, AZ about 20 mins from the first location called Horseshoe bend. Another place to visit if you have any doubt that there is a god... haha... just...well take a look!!!


sweet sweet boy.

Make sure you all are checking off your bucket list folks!! When in Arizona you should most certainly add Antelope canyon and horseshoe bend to your list.

Thank you again Russo family I truly enjoying meeting you all... such beautiful people please come see me again soon!!!!

big hugs,


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