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Sawyer // Branding Photoshoot

I love a good adventure. Seriously, if I could explore all day long I would. Preferably outside. Most of the time, with my kids (ha)! So when I came across this

ah-mazing children's clothing outfitter called Sawyer ( which just so happens to be my youngest son's name) I decided to start a new adventure and reach out to them for a photo shoot. I really love branding photography and this company specifically was right up my alley. I love their whole vibe: outdoorsy but stylish, classic but modern- I was hooked! I also really appreciated their brand's mission to get kiddos outside and exploring while saying " No Thanks" to gender specific clothes ( all their tees are unisex) .

I'm really excited to see how this brand continues to grow , and I hope my images help along the way of their adventure. Check them out here.

( oh and did I mention the models are my kids?? ;) )


He loved his namesake shirt!

such a mini me...

rugged and adorable. What more can you want??

Keep exploring!


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