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Simply Just Lalita || Jewelry Photography

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Meet the beautiful and very talented Lalita... a local artist, beading, jewelry making, meditating, life loving, free spirited, fashionista imagineer extraordinaire...weeew! haha! Shes a breath of fresh air and a beaming ray of Sedona, AZ sunshine...I live for clients like her.

She called me several months back to discuss branding options for her jewelry business and after a little bit of brand research on her work and 5 minutes of speaking with her on the phone I was able to pull together a brand launching vibe that could finally convey the product mission she is going for.

"Simply Just Lalita is a means to enlighten or shed light on what we are afraid to do ourselves. To be outside our "norm" and to understand that it is normal to be yourself beyond the worlds expectation's of us." -Lalita

Lalita as a person is grounded and earthy by nature. ... her personal style is eclectic and her jewelry is also exactly that. Her artistic vision is like nothing i've ever seen before. In combining a sweet afro indian / bohemian flare with her own creative twist. These statement pieces will turn any understated look into something that will instantly turn heads and spark conversations. Lalita projects a little high class city... and a little barefoot on red rocks of Sedona. So we decided to go with a vibe that I call.. elemental high fashion and by golly , think we nailed it.

Her jewelry is carefully and thoughtfully crafted from only the highest quality natural products, gems and stones. Just like every person is flawed and unique... also is the material pulled from the elements. She desires to celebrate what is raw and real within everyone and everything. Creating a product that is symbiotic and resonates on a deeper level that just a simple adornment.

Rather than perfect lighting and seamless paper... I felt her jewelry needed an adventure... so I hit the trails.

jewerly photography

These tree of life earrings have my heart...

jewerly photography

jewerly photography

tree of life earrings

sedona photographer

This gorgeous bracelet was made with turquoise and recycled vinyl records from Ghana, Africa! Shes lucky she got this one back...haha.

product photography

This pendant reminds me of something sweet and citrusy ;)

Perfectly imperfect by nature... beauty is everywhere you look.. from the fallen, dying prickly pear... to the termite eaten piece of desert drift wood...

jewelry photography

beauty comes in different textures, colors and designs...I love the camo look of this tree bark.

a little wire wrapping... a little rock lichen...

Thank you so much for stopping by!! Please stay tuned for more of Simply Just Lalita in the near future as she prepares to launch her new website and we hit the pavement of charming Jerome, AZ for some urban inspiration.

Big hugs!


PS. If you are interested in hearing about our photography and business branding packages please don't hesitate to fill out the contact form on my website. I am based out of Sedona, AZ but can always customize remotely no matter where you are! I hope to hear from you soon!

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