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Jacqueline || Painted Desert Magic || Pt 1

What's that saying... "If you love what you will never work a day in your life."

I love that. Im still flabbergasted that I get paid to take beautiful photos and adventure. But even tho I LOVE what I do it is not very often (in the hustle and bustle of day to day client business) that I get to take images that feed me. By that I mean, feed the spirit of my creativity. Greedy Art if you will.

For a couple of years now I've been driving past this extremely remote "moon like" location just outside of Page, AZ for work up in Northern Arizona. And EVERY time I drove past this barren place I've day dreamed about the day I'd put a gorgeous model in a bright red flowing dress and have her dance on the moon.

So when this Uber talented and GORGEOUS babe of model Jacqueline @jacquelinejaemodel (IG) contacted me asking for a collaboration...I knew it was show time!

I don't usually do styled shoots outside of whatever commercial branding project I'm working on. But I was positive the only thing that would make this better was some gorgeous florals and I knew the perfect girl for the job.

Martha Aaron Aifd the owner of Sedona Mountain High Flowers has been on my radar since moving to Sedona several years ago as an extremely talented floral artist. I've seen her expertise shine in magazines and in wedding productions I've work around town. Hopeful, I contacted Martha to join in on the collaboration and she hopped aboard!! Saying I was ecstatic is an understatement.

My vision for this photo shoot was described to the team as romantic, flowing and ethereal. Part 1 was the flowing red dress in this painted desert scenery... the vibrant colors popping and dancing against the stark barren landscape. Martha created the most spectacular floral boa I've ever seen (actually I've never even seen a floral boa which made it all the more stunning) and a vibrant accent floral arm cuff that nicely pulled everything together.

Have I mentioned yet that Jacqueline is also a dancer?!! SCORE!! Which made all of the posing and movements in this environment extra dynamic.

Im still reeling from all this talent and gorgeousness!! But its not over folks second look took place immediately after at the EPIC grand canyon just around the corner.

Stay tuned!!



just a little teaser of whats to come... oh it gets better!!

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